How to gain knowledge about your BV company formation?

First of all, more information about the BV company formation procedure. Intercompany Solutions says that they can incorporate Netherlands business very quickly and also provide all-in services. Netherlands company formation takes not longer than three days, sometimes not even 48 hours. It is also possible to incorporate a Dutch BV company within one day, which is really short. You might think, how is that possible? But it is possible, without a doubt. Many internationals companies said that they found The Netherlands an excellent country to optimize global tax rates, which is true. Why? Because of the following:

  • The interesting regulations
  • Many possibilities for starting up businesses
  • Tax benefits for International companies

As you can see, there are many advantages when it comes to choosing the Netherlands. But what exactly is the procedure you have to follow when it comes to the BV company formation?

What exactly is the procedure when it comes to the BV company formation?

The company formation procedure itself can be completed in 48 hours, that is not a lot. However, it is also a How to gain knowledge about your BV company formation?fact that most of the time is spent in verification of the required documents. How can this be done fastest? And most importantly, how do you make sure that this is done exactly as well? For the BV company formation procedure you can distinguish a number of steps. The first step is to identify information about the BV and the persons who manage it (directors). Then make a copy of the passport and fill out a formation form. The end of this step is to specify a preferred name for the BV. Step 2 also consists of a number of administrative matters. Where it becomes financially interesting is step 3, because here it will be about opening Dutch bank accounts, otherwise of course no money can come in and that’s what it’s often about.

What more information do I need for the BV company formation?

The question then is what more information you need. It is impossible to put all the information in a small article that is below 1000 words, when it comes to a BV company formation procedure. An important topic for the company registration is also that there are costs that come with starting a company in The Netherlands. You should be aware of the following costs like preparation of the notary documents and client identification documents. Also registration at the local authorities en incorporation fees for opening both the company and bank account. There are more things to think about, like the fee for assistance with the VAT number and optional EORI number applications (you can find more information on their website and also on other websites if you don’t know what the EORI number is. And last but not least, any businessman forming a company in this beautiful country should be aware of the Dutch tax system. There are different VAT rates. 21% is the standard rate, there is a 6% lower rate (and also a 9% rate, which is a recent change!). We hope to have provided enough information for the BV company formation now. A BV company formation is not that difficult!

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