Where to buy u luxurious Benahavis property?

If you’re looking to buy a luxurious Benahavis property you might want to check out realista’s website. realista is a high end real estate agency based in the heart of Andalusia. They offer many fancy properties in the entire region of Andalusia and therefor cover a pretty wide part of the popular South of Spain. realista is not just like any real estate agency, since they only focus on very luxurious homes, like a fancy Benahavis property with an amazing view, a swimming pool and multiple bathrooms. Their website is full of these amazing homes, that you can move right into. Wether you can afford them or not, having a look at their current offer makes you definitely want to move to Spain, and feel like a king or queen in one of these amazing, luxurious homes. Almost all of them have a swimming pool in the yard, wether it’s shared with a few neighbors of the complex, or completely private, situated in a beautiful garden full of palm trees. Shared swimming pools are usually found in the garden of apartment complexes. If you are, for example, looking for a Benahavis property like a penthouse, changes are big you’ll need to share the swimming pool with your neighbors. But since all of these complexes are built with such good taste and high quality materials, you’ll simply feel like living in a fancy hotel all the time. 

What type of Benahavis property to buy

At realista you can choose between a wide variety of homes when looking for a luxurious Benahavis property. They represent (amongst others) the following types of properties:

  • Fancy penthouses or other apartments
  • Huge villas (both in contemporary as traditional style)
  • Townhouses
  • Plots on which you can build your own dream house

As you can see it’s possible to buy a finished Benahavis property at realista, but also a plot. Many people prefer designing their own dream house from scratch, so that even every little detail matches their taste and it becomes exactly the home they were initially looking for. If you have very specific taste and it’s hard to find that Benahavis property that matches all of your wishes, you might want to consider buying a plot to build it yourself. If you want, realista can even advise and help you in the process of doing so, since they offer more than only real estate related services. 

Quality Real Estate in Marbella

At realista they are convinced of the fact that finding the right property for you requires the help of more than one estate agent and insider knowledge. After working in this market for over 25 years they’ve built an extensive network of contacts and expertise, which helps them finding the right Benahavis property for you. Their goal is not just to sell you a property, but to help you find the perfect fit, which is what makes them different from any other real estate agency in the South of Spain. So, if you’re looking to buy a luxurious Benahavis property and you have no idea where to start, contact the professionals from realista and they will do everything in their power to help you find the right match. 

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