Choosing an Estepona property

There are plenty of great places to invest in property abroad, particularly along the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. Today I will be arguing for why you should look at investing in Estepona property. It is far from the best know location in the area, which includes Marbella, Torremolinos and Fuengirola, but it is growing. That means that the Estepona property market is still at a very reasonable level, but can be expected to grow well above national averages in the next few years. That is because Estepona property is going to become steadily more popular with north European retirees and holiday home owner as the town becomes more known. Unlike some Costa del Sol locations, Estepona is actually on the coast, with a beautiful sandy beach. It is located in between Marbella and Gibraltar, but retains the much-loved Mediterranean atmosphere, including sleepy streets, roadside terraces and small, friendly tapas bars. At the same time, a large proportion of the Estepona property is new, modern and built to high standards including certain luxuries which you and others may expect from a holiday home, such as air conditioning. There is plenty of Estepona property available with swimming pools, off-road parking and sea views and the area includes a reasonably sized north European community, including English, Dutch and German people, which is a definite advantage for resale value. All of this means that Estepona property is a sound investment for your future, as well as a wonderful place to spend your holiday for summer on the beach or for winter sun.

How to find the right Estepona property

As with any house or apartment that you may buy, the best way to go about finding your Estepona property is to be there, visiting and viewing as many different places as possible. This is, for obvious reasons of distance and time, not always particularly convenient. That is why it is a huge advantage to have good communication with an experienced estate agent with knowledge of the area and a large portfolio of properties covering the types of property that you are interested in. While the Costa del Sol is full of estate agents of many different types, they are certainly not all alike in terms of efficiency and communication. Many of the local Spanish agents are still very old-fashioned and are able to provide only very limited information about any specific Estepona property, which is especially inconvenient when your time to view properties is limited due to travelling distance. That is why we recommend Realista. They are particularly strong because they:

  • Speak English;
  • Have a large selection of Estepona property available;
  • Provide up-to-date information at;
  • Are punctual and communicate clearly;
  • Know the area and market better than almost anyone else that I have spoken to.

Contacting Realista will make you search for the correct property to invest your money is a whole lot simpler and may well save you a large amount of time.

Making your investment

One advantage of the Estepona property market is that, once you have purchased your property, you will have virtually no work to do to make a profit. They market values are almost certain to rise. It is still highly recommended to perform regular maintenance and invest what you can in minor renovations, to ensure that your investment is as attractive as it can be when it is time to sell it. In the meantime, enjoy the beaches, the Costa del Sol atmosphere and the south Spain sun in your new holiday home.

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