PTFE glass or Teflon?

Will you choose PTFE glass or Teflon? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Teflon and PTFE? We can imagine you don’t know, many people don’t. Luckily, we have the answer right here for you. It is really just the same! PTFE is a kind of plastic, which can be used in various applications. Like in pans with a non-stick coating, or as plastic under extreme and changing weather conditions. The most famous PTFE (not for PTFE glass though, but rather for its protective layer) brand is Teflon. Teflon is therefore the brand name for the fabric PolyTetraFluorEtheen (also called PTFE). PTFE is the chemical compound discovered in 1938 by Roy Plunkett. Plunkett applied for a patent on the fabric. This patent was established three years after its discovery, in 1941 on February 4th. Of all types of plastic, PTFE has the lowest resistance. So a lubricant based on this substance is actually ideal. This is due to the low coefficient of friction. In addition, it can also not leave a protective layer, so it provides lubrication for a long time. Therefore, one could think the PTFE glass would not be the strongest. This article discusses PTFE glass and its characteristics.

The general characteristics of PTFE

Products made of PTFE glass are mainly found in the (petro) chemical industry and mechanical engineering in ball valves. They are also often used as seats in valves and as bushings. PTFE has a number of special features:

  • PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction.
  • If it is exposed to temperatures above 260 degrees Celsius, the quality of the material will decrease.
  • At temperatures above 350 degrees Celsius, the material will even decompose

What are other uses of PTFE besides PTFE glass? One important use of PTFE other than PTFE glass is PTFE conveyor belts. PFTE belts are widely used in the food and textile industry. In the food industry they are mainly used for the processing of meat and fish products. For example, during the baking of meat and fish or during the preservation thereof. In addition, processes such as grilling, baking, freezing and drying can be carried out efficiently thanks to a PTFE conveyor belt. The PTFE conveyor belt can be made from a PTFE glass fabric or Kevlar material with a closed fabric structure or from an open mesh fabric, depending on what you want to use the PTFE conveyor belt for.

What you should know before purchasing PTFE glass

Whether you are looking for a protective layer in your favourite pan, a PTFE conveyor belt, or any other type of product made of PTFE material, there is always one issue to keep in mind. This issue is quality. Therefore, we highly advise you to ask a professional to help you out in your search towards the best suitable PTFE product for you situation. The internet offers a lot of PTFE products, yet this large amount of offers can result in an information overload. Reaching out to a professional can really help you make most out of your purchase.

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