Dutch bank account non residents

Opening a Dutch bank account non residents is possible thanks to Intercompany Solutions. If you are not from the Netherlands and you are going to stay in this country for a longer period, than you need a bank account to handle your money. You can pay with your own bank account in the stores, but for some money exchanges you need an account from the country you live in. Therefore opening an account from a bank company in Netherlands is necessary sometimes. You will discover it will make things easier during your stay. Payments for several organizations or applications will be made much easier. Especially a residency for a year or longer asks for a Dutch bank account for non residents. Check the website of Intercompany Solutions intercompanysolutions.com for the possibilities. You don’t need to live in the Netherlands to arrange this, thanks to the incredible service of Intercompany Solutions. It’s not possible to do this online, but if you contact them they will check what they can do for you to make your money transactions easier during your stay in the Netherlands with a Dutch bank account non residents.

The suitable Dutch bank account non residents

The kind of Dutch bank account non residents is dependent on your own needs. Intercompany Solutions will select an account for you, which give you the financial freedom during your stay. You can perform the following payments and enjoy the mentioned services with your Dutch bank account non residents:

  • Payment services
  • Electronic banking
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Guarantees
  • Fixed term deposits

Which services apply to you will be dependent on your account. Your contact at Intercompany Solutions will ask you what your needs are when it comes to your bank account. He or she will make sure you will have the sufficient account for your stay. When you agree, all paperwork will be arranged. You will be asked for your signature and when everything is arranged after a few days you can perform all kinds of Dutch money transactions. Thanks to the service of Intercompany Solutions you are guaranteed of all benefits a Dutch bank account non residents has to offer. In case of any questions you can contact Intercompany Solutions and they will answer you within 24 hours.

The benefits of the Netherlands

You will have your own reasons when you stay in the Netherlands for a while. Perhaps for study, a job or the love of your life. Whatever the reasons are, having a Dutch bank account non residents will make your residency easier because of the following reasons:

  • You can receive payments from other Dutch residents. It is easier and quicker, so both parties do not need to wait for their money to long.
  • You can use the most effective payment system in the world.
  • By using the Dutch bank account you reduce your costs.

The above can be applicable for individuals and companies. As a company you have the possibility to improve you competitive position. A beneficial factor for companies especially. To start their business and establish a position. When you have a Dutch bank account non residents you can use the current accounts in any convertible currency with the use of the electronic banking and cash management facilities of the bank. Whether it is for your company or yourself, you can contact Intercompany Solutions to open a Dutch bank account non residents. They will check if you meet the proper conditions. To be sure whether you meet these, you can check the information on intercompanysolutions.com or ask one of their contact persons.

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