Guitar straps

Find the most original guitar straps at Overdrive Straps. On their website you can find the most wonderful guitar straps you need for your guitar. One of the reasons for their magical designs is the love for music and the instruments itself. The founder of this initiative is Cissie Goumare, a guitar player herself with heavy rock music as her main inspiration. She knows and understands the importance of good gear on stage and therefore the guitar straps are made for a flashing appearance. The creations are hand made from the best materials from the Netherlands, USA and Germany. Several artists are seen with the creations of Overdrive Straps and a portfolio is shown on the website These pictures show how these straps can add to the appearance of an artist. It doesn’t matter what kind of style your image is about, you find all kinds of designs and fabrics in the collection of Overdrive Straps. Next to the leather straps they also sell accessories to complete your gear.

Guitar straps, designs with passion

When you check the collection on the website you notice the passion for guitar music immediately. Not only should your belt reflect your taste but also your music, your style and image. The collection of guitar belts is divided in the following three categories:

  • Seatbelt straps
  • Retro straps
  • Full Leather straps

The name seatbelt tells everything you need to know about this design. The fabric is like the belts in your car, hence the name seatbelt straps. Of course, the belts at Overdrive Straps are extra special because of the variety of colours. Like the pumpkin orange or mint light blue, these are not colours you see often in a car. When you find a strap that suits your guitar, you can custom it more with regards to:

  • The hardware colour
  • The leather colour
  • The length
  • Hole size in the leather ends

With these items you can customize your belt more to your own style. The retro straps are guitar straps with decorated fabrics. These are eyecathers in their own way. The designs on the fabrics are amazing and just what you need to complete your guitar. Examples of these guitar straps are:

  • Aztek white overdrive strap
  • Woodstock overdrive strap
  • Oriental Blue/Vino overdrive strap
  • Oriental ocean blue overdrive strap
  • Marakesh overdrive strap

These guitar straps are also able to customize to your own style. You can choose the seatbelt backing colour next to the other customizable items for the seatbelt strap. The straps are made of the best materials, heavy duty hardware and full-grain belting leather. It is the best material for your guitar. The full leather straps speak for themselves. All made out of the full grain leather material available in the colours black, brown, cognac or with catchy designs like bohemian or maya print. Next to these categories, other belts are also available in the other following categories:

  • Jacquard straps
  • Psychedelic straps
  • Vintage straps
  • Cool straps

To complete your performance

Next to the beautiful designs and quality you can also enjoy the comfort of these guitar straps. When you wear one of these straps on stage, you don’t need to worry about you guitar during you performance. The design completes your image and you can focus on your music. There is a list of artists who also wear the guitar straps of Overdrive Straps, like Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Eagles of Death Metal and Smashing Pumpkins. This is just a small selection of the musicians who show their customized straps. Check the collection on the website of Overdrive Straps to find the handmade strap that suits you guitar.

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